Sunday, 17 June 2012


Hi folks,

So, this is my new blog. I'm going to be retiring the old one. I feel like it's time to reinvent my internet persona.  I've just graduated from university with a B.A., I'm gearing up to leap into a master's programme.  I'm trying to get more involved with the outside world and less wrapped up with my own shortcomings.  I think a new blog is part of that.  Something a little more detached, thoughtful, and maybe even professional (hah! yeah, right) than the old blog.  If you've come here from there, you know what I mean.  If you haven't, you don't need to.  I'd like to leave that me behind. It's time to reinvent myself.

The transition is still happening, so there may not be much activity here in the meantime, but if you'd like to keep abreast of my oh-so-fascinating life and thoughts, go ahead and update your bookmarks or blogrolls or whatever newfangled feed-reader you've got plugged into your brain.


Wooden Bird

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