Thursday, 7 August 2014

Books! Canadian Books!

I set a very measly goal for myself this year, reading-wise. While I was an avid reader up until university, I fell off the reading-for-pleasure wagon when the textbooks started getting heavier. I followed university up with a long-term depression that left me not wanting to do much of anything, let alone read.

So this year, I set a little goal on goodreads to read 12 books in 12 months. I blew past it. Okay, some of them were comics, so they were fast to get through, but whatever. I'm reading again. It's great.

So I want to set a more challenging goal for myself, and I've made up my mind.

The CBC sort-of-recently posted a list of "100 Novels that Make You Proud to be Canadian". The page allows you to select the books you have read so you can measure up. I've read all of seven, which is disappointing, because I adore Canadiana. Part of me doesn't understand exactly why I love Canadian media as much as I do, because I am decidedly anti-nationalist, politically. But there's just something about Canadian television and writing that makes me feel at home.

Anyway. I feel like this is the challenge for me. A lot of the "classic" novels that everyone says you should read are books that either bored me to tears/sleep or that I really don't enjoy reading, but this list is full of books that I think I'll actually enjoy, and it will give me an excuse to keep reading after I start school again in a few weeks.

The seven books that I have read are:

Brown Girl in the Ring - Nalo Hopkinson (fantastic book)
Green Grass, Running Water - Thomas King (also fantastic)
Life of Pi - Yann Martel (loved it until the last chapter)
Neuromancer - William Gibson (some classic sci-fi, always a good choice)
The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood (amazing, of course)
The Jade Peony - Wayson Choy (heartbreaking)
What We All Long For - Dionne Brand (breathtaking)

I won't be rereading or reviewing them, since I read most of them a while back, but I will be reading/reviewing the rest of the list in alphabetical order because that seems to be as good a system as any other.

Wish me luck!

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