I graduated in Spring 2012 from Dalhousie University with an honours BA in Social Anthropology.  I wrote my thesis on student poverty (School Now, Debt Later: What students put themselves through to put themselves through school). If you're really keen on the topic and want to read about it, you can email me and ask for a copy of the .pdf.  I also guest blogged about it for the Dalhousie Student Union.

I am a bisexual cisgender woman.  I am an intersectional feminist and a wanna be writer. I also handbind books when I'm not being lazy.

I co-edited an anthology that was published in December about being a grown up. To learn more about "Being a Grown-Up: A User's Manual for the Real World", click here!

I have a twitter and a youtube channel and a tumblr.

I live in Halifax with two jerk cats.

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