Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Review: Shoot Me

Shoot Me
Shoot Me by Lesley Crewe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I began reading Shoot Me, I didn't actually expect to finish it. Crewe's brash and conversational style took a few chapters for me to get into, but perhaps I've been spoiled by de Lint. However, I'm glad I stuck it out, because I did end up enjoying the book.

The characters are all a little bourgeois, which is a little more than annoying, but Elsie is likeable, if spoiled by privilege - not her fault, truly. Her sisters are little more than leeches, but her daughters are likeable and her estranged husband redeemable. And Aunt Hildy is a gem.

The story takes some time to get going, but this is not - despite what the back cover blurb implies - a murder mystery; this is a people and relationships story. And really, aside from the deranged murder of a senior citizen, it really does work out as a happy (albeit terribly contrived) ending.

There are many things that could have been done differently with this book, but for what it's worth, this was a fun read and worth the time spent reading it.

However, I now keep thinking I'd heard of a new restaurant opening near the waterfront, before remembering that was in a book, and not real life.

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